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Company Innovation Requires Individualized Voices

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Company Innovation Requires Individualized Voices | Jason Kumpf

Innovation is the undisputed future of corporate competition. Companies that are highly likely to survive in the future are those which have internally endorsed a special place for innovation. Creating a room for innovation in the workplace requires a business to commit itself to an all-inclusive structure for everyone. Gone are the days when business leaders used to fear giving individual employees voices. Individual workers should be given more voice and authority when it comes to championing game-changing innovations.

Business leaders can only encourage such innovation in the workplace by incorporating a culture of innovation and competition internally. Allowing some room for the internal displacement of ideas through constructive competition is the greatest force that will help steer organizations in the right strategic direction. The least that every company can do to encourage individualized voices when it comes to innovation is to allow members of the workforce to critique ideas. Constructive criticism, when channeled in the right way, gives companies an opportunity to achieve better outcomes as compared to when such voices are strangled.

The existence of a structured opportunity to present ideas through an open-door policy not only enforces teamwork within the workplace but also breaks the hierarchical structures that may hinder effective innovation. Plenary sessions within the workplace that give individual employees an opportunity to air their disruptive ideas can be so useful. The brainstorming sessions allow workers to contribute positively to the strategic growth and direction of the company.

Each company should, therefore, think of creating a fluid process that allows room for constructive criticism and nurturing of business ideas. The process should not be rigid as that may put off employees from coming out. Whereas there is no benchmark on how the entire process should go about, it is important to think along the lines of reducing, as much as possible, the time and process required to forward such ideas to a well-composed innovation committee.

The structured approach towards open innovation forms the right foundation for creating an innovative culture where diversity of ideas and equality when brainstorming about innovations are upheld. Enforcing the allowance of a disruptive mindset within the workplace requires the concerted involvement and goodwill support of all the organizational managers.

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