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Best Practices for International Business Payments by Jason Kumpf

Best Practices for International Business Payments by Jason Kumpf The rapidly changing technological landscape has made the world a much smaller place. If your business wants to compete, you're likely partnering or selling to entities outside the borders of your own country. It would seem like transferring money between countries should be simple. Everything is connected. Information moves through the internet instantaneously. Funds are entirely different from information. If you're doing business on a global scale, it's important that you use best practices for securing payments to countries outside of your own. Choosing a Bank or Separate Facilitator A lot of businesses opt to go through their bank to make international wire transfers. If you're working with very small am...

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Jason Kumpf Daily Planning

Jason Kumpf Daily Planning Daily planning of one's activities is a very help way to accomplish more, quickly. As a student of Benjamin Franklin and General Eisenhower, I am somewhat compulsive about my daily planning.  Not that I always do it, or accomplish everything, buy more often than not, I spend time each morning determining what I want to do that day and put it in my calendar. I feel that you should not try to plan out every minute of the day (or at least that hasn't worked for me) but try to have 1 to 10 main goals for the day, have time in your calendar to accomplish them, but have some buffer time as well.  Some days (Monday and Tuesday for me), I can hunker down 12-16 hours and just check off lots of tasks all day, usually either deep work and or simple check list stuff

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